BOA 2013

BOA2013GirlWebThe 12th annual Bay One Acts Festival featured 13 producing partner theater companies, and close to 75 artists,  who presented two programs of new, local plays performed in rep at Tides Theatre in San Francisco from September 14th – October 5th 2013.


Custom Made Theatre Co

Modernizing the Afterlife by Tracy Held Potter Directed by Katja Rivera

Featuring Joseph Alvarado,  David Naughton, Nkechi, and Terri Whipple

When Janet dies, she discovers that her skills as a Project Manager at Google are much needed at Afterlife Headquarters.

Do it Live! Productions

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Based on the poem by T.S. Eliot Devised and Directed by Allison Combs

Featuring Alisha Ehrlich, Nicole Javier, Grace Ng, Amy Nowak and Christina Murdock

T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock tells of a man paralyzed with fear during his final chance at happiness.


Desiree by Sam Leichter Directed by Rob Ready

Featuring Sarah Rose Butler, Dave Levine and Nkechi

After years in captivity, Grace is trying to start a new life. But someone keeps sending strange items in the mail.

The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival

Write Dirty to Me by Daniel Holloway Directed By Sharon Robinson

Featuring Siobhan Doherty, Shane Fahey, Dene Larson, Scott Ragle, and Kim Saunders

It’s erotic. It’s literary. But nothing is following the plot.

Sponge Theater

Red All Over by Bennett Fisher Directed by Rem Myers

Featuring Erika Baske and Juliana Egley

Two members of a crime scene clean-up crew find an object of unexpected beauty in the midst of the destruction.

The Visible Theater

Last Couples Therapy Session on Earth by William Bivins Directed by Jon Wai-keung Lowe

Featuring Andrew Chung, Shaun Plander, and Kathryn Wood

Peter and Donald can’t do anything about the zombie apocalypse, but they can save their marriage.


All Terrain Theater

Inexpressibly Blue by Nancy Cooper Frank Directed by Robert Estes

Featuring Linda-Ruth Cardozo and Patti Morse

Dolores is bluer than blue; what is Felicity to do? Be careful when you try to cheer a friend up: you just might succeed.

FaultLine Theater

Two Pigeons Talk Politics by Lauren Gunderson Directed by Maria Calderazzo & Maxx Kurzunski

Featuring Shaun Plander, Colleen Egan, Melvign Badiola, and Alisha Erlich

Paul and Gary are pigeons who need some enlightenment and encouragement to withstand the struggles of being conscientious Americans… and of being pigeons. Squawk.

New Conservatory Theatre Center

Babes by Michael Phillis Directed by Sara Staley

Featuring Luna Malbroux and Emma Rose Shelton

Two new moms navigate the touchy subjects of gender identity and sexual politics in this comedy about what to say – and not say – to a babe.

Playwrights Foundation

My Year by Megan Cohen Directed by Siobhan Doherty

Featuring Jaime Lee Currier, Alléne Hebert,  Luna Malbroux, , Theresa Miller, Nkechi and Emma Rose Shelton

My Year is a 15-minute party for six women, complete with revelry, political optimism, emotional intimacy, gross barbecue action, and more!

San Francisco Theater Pub

Shooter by Daniel Hirsch Directed by Rik Lopes

Featuring Melvin Badiola, John Lowell, and Randy Blair

Three very different men. One terrible thing in common.

Tides Theater

Break of Day by Jeff Carter Directed by Brian Trybom

Featuring Shane Fahey and John Lowell

After the death of their domineering mother, two unworldly farmers and brothers must face the unfamiliar territory of independence.

Wily West Productions

3 Sisters Watching Three Sisters by Ignacio Zulueta Directed by Kat Kneisel

Featuring Adrianna Delgadillo, Jacquie Duckworth,  and Colleen Egan

Three sisters go the theatre, where life imitates Chekov, and family proves stranger than fiction.

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